About Us

OzDial – Instant Access to Local Businesses Information

OzDial is a digital marketing company offers reliable information on top products and high-quality services from local businesses in Australia. It is a leading source for all local businesses in Australia and allows the user to search conveniently for companies, offers and jobs in different categories and according to location. OzDial believes in keeping up with the latest trends in the market since innovation is the heart of our business. The company is continually diversifying their services so that the clients can get the maximum value. The company currently has more than 200,000 business listings and posts and are continually adding to it. The company also constantly updates old data and verify the existing records to become one of the leading B2B information providers in Australia.

Online Business Listing

OzDial offers online business listing services to everyone who would want to build a brand image and take their business to the next level. Having your business name listed in an online directory will help you develop an online presence. With the local market becoming tough, it is crucial to create an image online. All you need to do is provide your company name, your business address and business logo along with a few photos and videos. It will also allow you to gain the trust of your customers. OzDial allow you to connect with your customers who search for your business and will enable you to be discovered more than your competitors.

Offers and Deals

OzDial work does not end with enlisting your name in an online directory. The platform allows business to attract potential customers through offers and deals. Offering discounts on your products and services is a powerful weapon that boosts conversions. OzDial provides locally targeted advertising for your products and services to help you attract local customers. Since our deals can dramatically increase your online presence, you will benefit from increased sales. We offer a speedy promotion opportunity to businesses that is much better than other traditional marketing strategies. Joining OzDial will give you as much power as a massive marketing campaign with better customer engagement, but at a lower cost.

Jobs and Quick Jobs

Traditional recruitment advertising is quite costly, and the results are too slow. It can stop your business from making progress, and it might be stuck without the right person at the right job. OzDial offers a tool to employers to recruit staff easily and quickly. It also allows companies to gain exposure to a wide range of job seekers. It offers benefits not just to the employers, but job seekers as well. Users can look for local jobs according to different categories and location. The employers need to fill in a form and create a job advertisement. OzDial will publish the job post on their website to get faster and better responses. OzDial also offers a Quick Jobs feature that allows employers to hire locally available talents instantly to work on the same day or for a few days. The employers get instant access to skilled professionals looking for part-time, freelance and flexi-time jobs. Those looking to work during their free time to earn some quick cash can fill in the form at OzDial for Quick Jobs and wait for the perfect opportunity.